Féile set up a film collective made up with local young people to create films tackling issues that affect young people living in the area. The finished films were used as discussion tools at local youth clubs. They were also streamed online on Féile’s various social media channels on Facebook, Youtube and Twitter.

Take a look below at some of the films that were created!

Halloween: The Witch Beyond The Heights

The Witch Beyond the Heights follows a group of teenagers who receive a mysterious book from a witch on the backroads of CregganThis led them to accidentally unleash a horde of zombies across the neighbourhood!

Féile worked with young people aged between 15-18 from St Mary’s YC to develop the premise and script the film. It was filmed on location in Creggan using the neighbourhood’s streets and green spaces as a backdrop. The project involved 30+ young people via a variety of roles including acting roles, filming roles and various crew roles. Féile also worked with several community groups, including Long Tower Youth Club, Pink Ladies and also schools and organisations from across the area to create a truly collaborative, participative film.

Anti-Bullying Week Film

Féile Film Collective developed, wrote and starred in the film about cyberbullying. It addresses the effects that online bullying has on our young people, but also the message that you are never on your own. No one should suffer in silence!

A Christmas Presence

Féile produced a new film for Christmas, ‘A Christmas Presence’. It follows a father whose gambling is spiralling out of control in the lead up to Christmas. The film stars Creggan teenager Kian Curran and local community workers, including Old Library Trust’s George McGowan. The film was a collaboration between Féile, St Mary’s YC, Long Tower YC, OLT, Bishop Street Youth Club, CNP & CRJ.

Mental Health Film: Growing Together

For Mental Health Week, Féile’s videographer worked with the collective to create ‘Growing Together’. The film that tackles issues around mental health that was reflective of the issues that young people face in Derry, ensuring it was more personal to the young people from Derry who watched the film.

The group met once a week for script development sessions. During these sessions, the young people talked about several issues they’d faced and compiled these into film.

You can view all of our films and more on our YouTube channel, Féile Media.

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